We are proud to announce our chapter took home 2 awards this year: the Honorable Service Award from the UF Collegiate Veterans Society, and the Warrior Minerva Award from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon National Headquarters.

We are also proud to announce brother Will Moor has been selected as IFC’s Vice President of Membership for the remainder of the term. Congratulations Will.

We are proud to announce brother Davis Bean was inducted into the University of Florida Hall of Fame for exemplary contributions to student government. Congratulations Davis.

We would like to congratulate brothers Nathan Marshall (Director of Special Events), JT Alexander (Assisstant Director of Finance), Chad Manausa (AD of Special Events), Graham Olney (AD of Special Events), Jackson Kercher (AD of Creative), Marshal Moyle (AD of Creative),  Matt Mainelli (AD of Sponsorship and Solicitations), and Alex Mostovych (AD of Philanthropy), for their involvement in the 93rd Annual Gator Growl homecoming event.

Congratulations to brothers Tommy Hart and Gabriel Otheguy for receiving the “Order of the Phoenix” Award for outstanding leadership from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon National Headquarters

This past Fall ’13 and Spring ’14 academic school year, we are proud to announce our brothers made the jump from second highest to the highest overall GPA of any fraternity on campus. Since then, SAE has remained in the top percentage of overall GPA. Our brothers span majors from dual degree Master’s program in Engineering and Business to Political Science to Biochemistry to Pre-med. Well-roundedness is something we continuously promote.

Housing Corporation member and SAE Alumni, General John LeMoyne was awarded the “Highest Effort” Award from SAE National Headquarters for his valiant service in his military career.

In Spring 2016, two esteemed brothers, Corey Emerson and Trent Slattery were tapped into the Florida Blue Key Honor Society. Congratulations gentlemen!

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